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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

始まる: Tower of Druaga

I have very little hope for this one, but will watch it anyway.

Note that Crunchyroll has split up the two seasons. Season 1 is ToD: Aegis of Uruk, and season 2 is ToD: Sword of Uruk. As is usual policy I will be reviewing them together unless they really, really deserve separate reviews (and I suspect they will be of such a quality that even the one review will be overlong. 13 episodes per season, for 26 total episodes.

Watch along on Crunchyroll.

Programming Note: Life is coming in. It may take two weeks or even more for me to get through both seasons. Not that anyone is visiting anyway.

First Episode Update: So, having watched that first episode, I think I no longer need to watch any more hero's journey shows ever again, because that pretty much covered all the bases. Seriously, if you aren't watching along, do watch that largely self contained first episode. I really don't know where the show could possibly go after that, and I suspect the answer is downhill, fast.

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