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Monday, June 17, 2013

Meta: Bingeing, Weeklys and Naruto

You might have noticed that I am not the sort to watch anime on a weekly basis. Instead I binge, and indeed I am waiting for Attack on Titan to end before I even start it. This is because first off, I have way too much spare time, and when I am completely caught up on something and I cast around for something to do I feel all listless. Second is that I have a terrible attention span, and while I can remember what happened week to week, it gets real hard for me to care about that cliffhanger for seven whole days. Thirdly I have too much going on to reserve the mental space to care about ten shows simultaneously for a year, in addition to whatever book I am reading and whatever video game I am playing, plus Dr. Who and Elementary when in season.

For all these reasons, I have only ever watched the long running shows on a weekly basis. For a while I watched Bleach and One Piece, then after Bleach ended I caught up to Fairy Tail and watched that and One Piece, and now I watch One Piece and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun because I have an unhealthy obsession with Misaka Mikoto. All these shows are pretty exceptional, and except Railgun I never felt the need to worry that the would end or even seriously advance, and exist mostly as a pleasant and consistent place to go each weekend.

Naruto, for me, is the big outlier among the long running weekly shows. Because instead of slowing down or adding filler to keep from outpacing the manga, Naruto does flashbacks. Watched in large chunks, the flashbacks are sort of Ok because they are skipabble, but when you tune in for the week and roll the dice to see if this will be all, partially, or only a little bit flashback, I don't do well with that kind of crapshoot. So I let it build up a backlog and watch it once or twice a year. Which is also good because then I remember that it wasn't actually that good a show, so I move over to catch up on my Gintama backlog.

Moral of the story, no reviews for a while because I am catching up on my Naruto and Gintama backlogs. There won't be any reviews of these, because I have a problem reviewing partial stories and want to keep my reviews only of cohesive wholes. More on that when comes the dreaded day that I start reviewing the 100 - 200 episode shows like D. Gray Man and Legends of the Galactic Heroes (I probably won't do a review of Monster, because as good as it is it doesn't make for good rewatching and does get depressing and drag a lot).

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