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Sunday, May 26, 2013

始まる: Vividred Operation

Here is one that has caught my eye a number of times, but never quite grabbed me. So here I am being grabbed. Perhaps I should call the police. Or perhaps I should just watch the damn show.

As an aside, I let my netflix subscription lapse a good while ago and forgotten just how much more enjoyable anime is without ads. I know this show is available on Hulu, but come watch along over on Crunchyroll where you can lose that ads for $7 per month (and support the anime industry!).

Update: So the video player was lagging so I closed a bunch of tabs and background windows I should have closed a while ago, then I realized that (thanks to the subscription) the video had defaulted to 1080p. What the hell? Who needs to watch anime in 1080p? Is it even drawn at that resolution? This isn't Planet Earth, these are cartoons drawn in a non-realistic representational style.

Though I will say the step up from 360p to 480p is noticeable, and on my giant, beautiful system the jump to 720p is just barely noticeable if I go looking for it, though still a bit excessive.

Also: Just from the opening scene, is this a future in which pants were outlawed? The image of her cameltoe resting on the sun had better be thematically relevant or I am going to lose faith pretty quick.

Also: They put the only power plant necessary to power all of humanity smack dab in the middle of Tokyo Bay? One of the most densely populated regions on the planet? Were they aiming for a high score death toll when something happens? Were they trying to be extra accessible to terrorists? And the sweet old lady who says it is a lovely view of the reactor, yea, that doesn't happen. Even the environmentally concious Kennedies here in the US blocked wind turbines when they were placed somewhere they might be visible from the Kennedy beach. Just because it is the future doesn't mean NIMBY went away. And for god's sake, put on some pants, you are like 14 years old.

First Episode Update: Ok, I promise I won't make this into a live stream, but its ok if you want her to transform into some sort of techno maho shoujo, but Jesus Christ, she is in Elementary school, maybe 12 years old and her transformation contains no fewer than three up close crotch shots and two tit focuses. Damnit, Japan, 12 year olds are NOT SEX OBJECTS, she doesn't have anything to show off and the fuck is wrong with you for showing it off anyway.

Pantsless crotch-girl aside, this is a pretty detailed and compelling vision of the mid- to near future. Note that the town is full of old people and the classroom is much bigger than the class it now holds. I am approving of these little details as much as I am disapproving of pedophilia.

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