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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

始まる: The Sacred Blacksmith

Looks like we are alternating between new (to me) shows and rewatches, because now (or rather, tomorrow, because it is getting late) I am moving on to a show that Hulu and Netflix have both been recommending for quite some time, The Sacred Blacksmith. Not sure why I have been resisting it, possibly because I was for a long time averse to shows shorter than 20 episodes, possibly because the art and synopsis make it look like a shojo romance dressed up in a shonen setting (which shouldn't really dissuade me, since I liked Full Metal Panic! which was basically this).

Anyhow, follow along on Netflix for dubbed or Hulu for subbed. 12 Episodes means we should get a review this weekend, and if our heroine really is the bimbo she looks like in the art we may get our first anti-fanservice rant as well.

Update: Oh, dear.

I have watched the first 1:30 of the first episode and already I am worried. Our heroine opens in the middle of a fight wearing silly armor, but that is kind of par for the course so I move on. In short order she A) announces her name (Cecily Campbell), B) gets beaten by the monster because she is terribly weak, C) gets rescued by a man, D) notes that this is the third time, presumably the third time she has been rescued by this man. So much for my hopes for a strong female protagonist.

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