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Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: Vividred Operation

So this sure has been a productive weekend. And by productive I mean I sat on my ass and watched a lot of really crappy anime. I hope y'all appreciate my sacrifices.


Childish adventure with a heavy dose of sexualized 12 year olds. 12 episodes, available on Crunchyroll and Hulu (I think, but I am too lazy to grab a link Just do the Hulu search).

Bottom Line:

This show is trash, and by trash I mean absolute garbage. But relentlessly positive and energetic garbage, for which I will confess a weakness. Vividred Operation opens with a sunrise over a techno-utopian near future, and we see that sunrise between the legs of a twelve year old girl who isn't wearing any pants. Why isn't she wearing pants? Because that is the uniform of the elementary school she attends, and by all appearances, the uniform for every pre-pubescent girl. This is so that the show can feature the most disgusting and low effort pantyshots I have ever seen in anime (a fairly low, or perhaps high, standard). This is twelve episodes of a maho shoujo power rangers knock off with all the undisgused pedophilia of Toddlers and Tiaras. Even beyond that, the "feel good" messages are so appallingly regressive (it is weird for a girl to be a smart programmer, but she can be successful if she tries to be a model) that I would never let actual children watch this children's show. The two power levels are "naked" and "vivid". The ultimate weapon is acquired by getting naked and kissing. But damn if they don't look happy and enthusiastic as they dress and undress for your sick pleasure.

Redeeming Features:

As an economist by training, I have had the delightful experience of defending Adolf Hitler's monetary policy. But if you can overlook the cartoon exploitation of pre-pubescent girls on a scale rarely found even in anime, the rest of this show is pure excited fun. The peculiar selling point of this show is just how hard it sells itself. The battle suits are given to twelve year old girls and no one seems to find this unusual. The suits themselves are run, quite explicitly, on the power of friendship. Grandfather, who is a talking ferret, encounters a sentient raven and has the gall to exclaim "Oh my gosh, a talking bird!". This is a show where losing a treasured hair clip is just as dramatic as deploying a bomb that will destroy all of Tokyo. At no point will you not be smiling, and at no point will you be a better person for it.


I recommend that you not watch this show. If you did watch it and want to find more like it, you should strongly consider going here. I always recommend the top five shows over on the sidebar, if you are interested in watching a show that doesn't heavily feature the sexual exploitation of pre-pubescent children.


I am a more terrible person for having watched that show. The empty calories of fun are more than offset by how unashamedly vile the implicit messages are.

My numerical score for Vividred Operation is Don't Watch This/10.

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