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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meta: Crunchyroll

So Hulu has a pretty good selection, but I have started to feel like a Hulu shill, so I am moving over to Crunchyroll for a while. As part of that, I am getting the subscription that lets me watch without ads, mostly because the ads make the video player die with some regularity. This has the circular effect that I will be drawing from Crunchyroll even more until I let the subscription lapse, so anyone following along should also consider subscribing.

And even if you aren't, it is $7 per month for a unique selection, same day access for Bleach and Naruto, though not Bleach anymore :(, and most importantly you are directly supporting the studios that create anime and a great distribution system.

Seriously, people, you watch shows about high school students saving the world. You and I can't save the world, but we can put a little money up to support the most creative medium in modern storytelling. Plus, they have a 14 day trial.

Do it.

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