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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lost the thread

I was going to finish Kaze no Stigma this weekend, but I saw Star Trek instead. Wrote up a review on the other blog if you are interested.

But more to the point, I got to around episode 21 and just sort of lost the thread. It is, at this point, a familiar feeling. I enjoy Kaze no Stigma, and have enjoyed lots of other shows, but sometimes I get to the point where I find it hard to care what happens in the next episode. This happens almost always in the last few episodes, where it seems clear that all they have left is to beat the villain, fetch the McGuffin, and call it a day. And most of the time I get all the way to the final credits just fine, but sometimes I can't seem to do it.

I like stories that move, that go somewhere. Interludes of character development are good, but overall I want to be somewhere I didn't expect by the end of the ride. And often when there are only three episodes left, especially if I have seen it before, I know where we are going, and I find it hard to care. There won't be more surprises and all I have left to look forward to is saying goodbye to characters I have bonded with.

I will finish Kaze no Stigma and write it up at some point this week, but it won't be much, and I will be moving away from re-watches for a while.

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