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Sunday, May 12, 2013

始まる: Kaze no Stigma

So in the last review I recommended Kaze no Stigma as having a better central relationship (and not a huge bitch of a protagonist), so in the spirit of alternating between the new and the rewatch, come aboard for 24 episodes of two young people being embarrassed about a budding relationship while blowing the absolute shit out of Tokyo.

Kaze is wind, and Stigma is English, giving us something like "Wind of Disgrace" or "Winds of Infamy" either of which is vaguely appropriate for our male lead, a wind mage in a family of fire magi returning from disgrace. I remember a certain intelligent level of realism from the relationships and a particular political (in terms of family politics) maturity, though at the end of the day expect silly embarrassed love scenes and over the top action sequences (should we, at this point, simply assume the "top" is higher in an anime? There really aren't a lot of action oriented shows for which the descriptor would not apply).

I remember at the end wishing the show was longer, always a good sign.

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