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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Here we are...

...born to be kings, we're the princes of the universe. I like to imagine that the Isle of Zanzibar is full of people exactly like Freddie Mercury, though I suspect they are a actually a fairly normal assortment of people.

But no, here we are, in the same situation that caused me to start this blog in the first place. Level E wasn't, all things considered, very good, and then today's Doctor Who was one of the dullest episodes of the new series (this whole season has been weak, as if the show assumed that Clara being awesome was enough to carry the show-- it isn't). I know that once I get started with a show and even slightly invested in a character I will enjoy myself again, but sitting here nothing on the Hulu / Crunchyroll listings looks any good.

This is a particular problem with anime because the two sentence descriptions of most shows blows massive chunks (one of the most underrated shows from a year or two ago was described something like "hero loves to write in his diary, but suddenly the diary starts to tell the future and he has to fight to replace god", which sounds absolutely stupid while not being in any way inaccurate). I thought to myself, if someone had a catalog of reviews, each of which had a recommendation or two attached, I could get lost in that, and so I decided to start such a catalog. The problem I am finding is that I don't particularly like re-watching or re-reading stories-- it just never appealed to me.

That said, writing this has convinced me (through the torturous machinations of my mind) to re-watch Chrome Shelled Regios. So that will be the show of the week for this week.

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