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Saturday, May 4, 2013

始まる: Chrome Shelled Regios

Here is one I haven't seen in quite some time, though I still have the OP song on my MP3 player, because it is a marvelous mix of silly and awesome. Awesome because the music, silly because, well the opening lyrics are (in English):

Brave your truth
And brave yourself...
And this is silly, but sort of acceptable because Daisy-san really sells it

So we can go somewhere...
Where are we going? To the future? Onward to victory? To a small bar-b-que joint down in Lockhart, TX? No. We are going "somwhere". But wait, because

With the dite
The what? This is how you know it was commissioned specifically for this show, because dite is a made up word for one of the weapons in the show. What weapon, you ask? Is it the globe-spanning McGuffin? Is it the RAGNAROKOTRON OVER 9000 ULTIMATE FINAL FORM BLASTER OF DOOM??@?!??!!?!?!/1111/11!/1!?

No. It is a fancy baton. Not even that fancy. Don't know why you would want to go somewhere with it.

Anyway, the theme song really sets the tone for the rest of the show, which, IIRC, is a pulpy far-future adventure in a post-apocalyptic high school where a team of scrappy youths wins the day through determination and friendship. I have fond, though hazy memories.

Watch along on the Hulu. 24 episodes, should post a review next weekend or middle of the following week.

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