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Thursday, April 11, 2013

始まる: Texhnolyze

I actually began this a few days ago. The opening is slow but filled with a visual poeticism. Absolutely beautiful direction and the sound design is tremendous. Starting episode 10 of, I think, 24 or so, and our hero, Ichise, has uttered, I think, one line. He remains compelling despite that and the supporting characters are all intelligent and well characterized, though the mysterious Yoshii is starting to make me have doubts as to whether it will conclude with the promise it starts with.

Pacing is remeniscent of Blade Runner, and in terms of artistry and deliberate pacing it calls to mind the opening of Shigurui, though much less brutal. Even the loss of Ichise's arm tastefully balances just beneath gruesome while still remaining powerful visually and within the narrative.

Also, I assume the weird ass spelling is because the author of whatever the source was simply did not know how to spell in English. Hardly a moral failing, and I am more bothered by it than I should be.

Available on Hulu.

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