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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

始まる: Level E

Re-watching has its pleasures, but three straight weeks of serious, intelligent anime wears a man down after a while, so I have looked around for an anime that is A) New to me and B) a little bit lighter. In the description of Level E on Hulu, it mentions that the protagonist finds an alien prince whose name is Baka. For those who have missed the epithet that gets flung around liberally on most shows, Baka is Japanese for idiot.

I have very low expectations, and anticipate laughing at the show more than I laugh with it. But you can't always watch serious shows with meaningful themes or your head will fill with darkness and heroism, and ain't nobody got time for that.

13 episodes, so watch along on Hulu and expect a review this weekend, possibly coupled with a bonus review of Iron Man 3 if it gets me excited enough.

First Episode Update: Watched the first episode with low expectations and was not disappointed. Overall it is looking like a Men-in-Black (Will Smith, not Alex Jones) style world that is setting itself up to exploit the humor inherent in the premise. The funny parts were tremendously funny, and our hero (so bland I have already forgotten his name) plays an excellent straight man to the wonderfully weird alien. The relationship between the two protagonists has shades of Yaoi, though I suspect it will just be left as hints for any fan-fic authors. The first episode went off the rails pretty hard near the end when it tried to establish a serious plot, which bodes ill if the plot is supposed to do more than transport the characters between humorous dialogue.

I expect it will be enjoyable to the extent that they can keep it light.

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